On the Necessary Supplies for Vehicles-the Importance of Triangle Warning Frame

Among the necessary items for the vehicle, in addition to the spare tire, the vehicle kit, the vehicle jack, and the tow rope, there is also a very important warning triangle.

The car triangle warning frame is accurately called the triangle warning sign. It is a reflective body made of plastic reflective material. The driver encounters a sudden breakdown on the road for maintenance or accidents, so as to use the reflective function of the triangle warning frame , It can remind other vehicles to avoid giving way to avoid secondary accidents.
The warning triangle is now generally placed in the trunk of the car. If the vehicle breaks down or a traffic accident, the hazard warning flash must be turned on, and a warning triangle must be placed behind the car as required (urban roads are 50 meters during the day and 100 meters at night; high-speed The highway is 150 meters during the day and 250 meters at night) to avoid secondary accidents.

Small items have a big effect. If you don’t have such a tripod in your car, it is recommended to equip it as soon as possible.