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4-In-1 Safety Hammer Used In The Event Of An Accident


Everyone should have read the news of car fire, so it can be dangerous to take a car sometimes. However, every car has a 4-in-1 safety hammer for everyone to avoid accidents. get.

4-in-1 safety hammer also called car life-saving hammer, car survival hammer, four-in-one car escape tool.

4-in-1 hammer the main function

1, when the emergency control caused by the vehicle lock control failure, 4 In 1 Safety Hammer the use of this product made steel cone cone window breaker can easily break the window glass to escape.

2, emergency seat belts often because of a sudden impact and stuck, the use of this product built-in seat belt breaker can easily get out.

3, the built-in hand-cranked generator in the event of an accident not only for the product built-in flashlight charging, 4 In 1 Safety Hammer but also for your mobile phone emergency charging.

4, built-in bright low-power LED flashlight, can be used in the field often lighting.

5, in case of emergency, you can open the product built-in alarm for help, 4 In 1 Safety Hammer through the high-decibel strong flashing alarm at night to achieve the purpose of long-distance distress.

6, built-in high sensitivity, high-fidelity AM / FM radio allows you to listen to the radio information in the wild or disaster.

4-in-1 safety hammer features

Hand-cranked mobile phone emergency power function

Red flashing LED remote warning light

4 in 1 safety hammer selection method

First of all, pick a car 4-in-1 safety hammer, you should choose a longer handle, 4 In 1 Safety Hammer the more sharp hammer that kind of class, it is relatively easy to open the glass.

Second, pick the car 4-in-1 safety hammer, be sure to choose a good quality brand products.

Picked a good car 4 in 1 safety hammer, but smashed the location is also very important, different vehicles, the vulnerability of the windows are different. Under normal circumstances, the location of the four corners of the ordinary household car window is relatively fragile, easy to break open. When smashing the window, should ensure that there is enough room for the hammer, such as driving the window to want to drive the location, 4 In 1 Safety Hammer can sit down to the co-pilot smashing, this will ensure that there is enough force smashed the window.

4-in-1 safety hammer, is an enclosed escape aid in the cabin. It is generally installed in a closed compartment such as a car where it is easily accessible. In the event of a fire in a car or an emergency in which the car falls into water, 4 In 1 Safety Hammer it can be conveniently removed and smashed to facilitate the escape.

The use of 4-in-1 safety hammer Life-saving hammer is mainly the use of its conical tip, the tip of the contact area is small, so when using a hammer to hit the glass, the pressure of the contact point on the glass (not pressure Oh, but The pressure per unit area) is quite large. This is a bit similar to the principle of the thumbtack. The membrane is easily punctured, and the vehicle glass is subjected to a large external force at this point to cause slight cracking. For tempered glass, Say, a little bit of cracking means that the stress distribution inside the monolithic glass has been destroyed, resulting in numerous spider web-like cracks in an instant, at which point the glass shards can be removed by just a few more peening with a hammer. Tempered glass in the middle is the most solid, 4 In 1 Safety Hammer four corners and the edge is the weakest. The best way is to beat the edges and corners of the glass with a 4-in-1 safety hammer, especially in the middle of the upper edge of the glass. Once the glass has cracks, knock on it again.