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4-In-1 Safety Hammer Is An Escape Tool In Enclosed Compartments


4-in-1 safety hammer is a collection of 4 and 1 safety hammers, cutting knives, flashlights, warning lights in one multi-function tool. Can be put in the car, used for night warning and accident escape, can also be used as a general lighting appliances. 4-in-1 safety hammer: Sharp and strong hammer, in the event of an accident broken glass escape; cutting knife: hook-like embedded blade, can cut the seat belt; Flashlight: Located in the front of the handle, independent switch, can provide continuous lighting; warning Light: Located in the handle, 4 In 1 Safety Hammer there is a separate switch, 9 light-emitting diode red flashing, the head has magnetic can be sucked on the roof, Alarm function. Two-section No. 5th Battery Drive.

The 4-in-1 safety hammer is an auxiliary escape tool in enclosed compartments. 4 In 1 Safety Hammer It is generally installed in the car and other closed cabin easy access to the place, in the event of a fire in the car or car into the middle of the water emergency, can be easily removed and smashed window doors to smooth escape.

4-in-1 safety hammers use a life-saving hammer, essentially using its conical tip, because the contact area of the sharp point is very small, so when using the hammer to smash the glass, the contact points to the pressure of the glass (not pressure Oh, but the unit area of stress) is quite large, 4 In 1 Safety Hammer this with the principle of the Pushpin is a bit similar, the membrane is easily punctured, And the car glass is subjected to a large external force at that point, resulting in a slight cracking, for tempered glass, a little bit of cracking means that the entire glass interior stress distribution was destroyed, 4 In 1 Safety Hammer so that in a twinkling of countless spider web-like cracks, at this time as long as gently with a hammer to hit a few more can remove the glass fragments. The middle part of the tempered glass is the most solid, and the corners and edges are the weakest. The best way is to use 4-in-1 safety hammers to hit the edge of the glass and Four corners, especially in the middle of the top edge of the glass, once the glass has a crack, you can knock a few more.

It is said that about 2 kilograms of pressure can be tempered glass corner if there is no 4-1 safety hammer, women's high-heeled shoes is also a very good thing, the heel of the foot to make enough effort to hit it, the finer the heel the better! 2 Get in the car note: If you take the long-distance bus, 4 In 1 Safety Hammer it is better to choose from the safety door or the roof of the car to close the place. If you like, you can take a closer look at how to open the security door, because once an accident occurs, you will not be able to look at the use of static breath.