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4-In-1 Safety Hammers Play A Very Important Role


The life-saving hammer, also known as the 4-in-1 safety hammer, is an auxiliary escape tool in enclosed compartments. It is generally installed in the car and other closed cabin easy access to the place, in the event of a fire in the car or car into the middle of the water emergency, can be easily removed and smashed window doors to smooth escape.

4-in-1 safety hammers use a life-saving hammer, essentially using its conical tip, because the contact area of the sharp point is very small, so when using the hammer to smash the glass, the contact points to the pressure of the glass (not pressure Oh, but the unit area of stress) is quite large, 4 In 1 Safety Hammer this with the principle of the Pushpin is a bit similar, the membrane is easily punctured, And the car glass is subjected to a large external force at that point, resulting in a slight cracking, for tempered glass, a little bit of cracking means that the entire glass interior stress distribution was destroyed, so that in a twinkling of countless spider web-like cracks, at this time as long as gently with a hammer to hit a few more can remove the glass fragments. 4 In 1 Safety Hammer The middle part of the tempered glass is the most solid, and the corners and edges are the weakest. The best way is to use 4-in-1 safety hammers to hit the edge of the glass and Four corners, especially in the middle of the top edge of the glass, 4 In 1 Safety Hammer once the glass has a crack, you can knock a few more.

The frequent occurrence of car accidents, so that the majority of owners of their own safety attaches great importance, so many owners will buy car safety supplies to protect their own safety. 4-in-1 safety hammer is a very important tool for the owner's attention. So what is the role of 4-in-1 safety hammers?

4-in-1 safety hammer The role of one: when the emergency vehicle lock control failure, the use of 4-in-1 safety hammer Special Steel pointed cone window breaker can easily break the window to escape.

4-in-1 safety Hammer Effect II: 4-in-1 safety hammer built-in hand-cranked generators can be in the event of an accident not only for the product built-in flashlight charging, 4 In 1 Safety Hammer but also for your mobile phone emergency charge.

4-in-1 safety hammer effect Three: 4-in-1 safety hammer built-in high-sensitivity, high-fidelity FM radios allow you to hear broadcast messages in the wild or in disaster.

4-in-1 safety hammer function Four: 4-in-1 safety hammer built-in highlight Low-power LED flashlight, in the field can be used for regular time lighting.

4-in-1 safety hammer effect Five: In an emergency, the seat belts often die because of a sudden impact, 4 In 1 Safety Hammer using a 4-in-1 safety hammer inside the Tibetan-style belt breaker can easily escape.

4-in-1 safety hammer effect Six: When encountering an emergency, you can open the 4-in-1 security Hammer built-in alarm help function, through the high decibel strong flash alarm can be reached at night to help the purpose of long-distance.

What are the effects of 4-in-1 safety hammers? For the owner, the 4-in-1 safety hammer has many functions, but the most important thing is to break the glass to escape in the event of an accident. In addition, 4-in-1 safety hammers can be illuminated and can be recharged for your phone. No matter what the role of 4-in-1 safety hammer, the majority of owners should understand 4-and-1 safety hammers used method, 4 In 1 Safety Hammer so that can escape smoothly.