The 120th Canton Fair

Safety Hammers Can Play A Role


The safety hammer mainly utilizes the life-saving hammer cone-shaped tip, because of the small contact area of the tip, the pressure of the contact point on the glass is quite large when the hammer is smashed (which is a bit similar to the principle of the Pushpin) and causes a slight cracking of the vehicle glass at that point. For tempered glass, Safety Hammer a little bit of cracking means that the entire glass interior stress distribution was destroyed, so that in a twinkling of countless spider web-like cracks, at this time as long as gently with a hammer to hit a few more can remove the glass fragments.

Precautions for use of safety hammers

Because the middle part of tempered glass is the most solid, the corners and edges are weakest. Therefore, when the danger arises, the best way is to use the safety hammer to beat the edge of the glass and the corners, especially the middle of the top edge of the glass, once the glass has cracked, Safety Hammer you can knock a few more. It is said that about 2 kilograms of pressure will be able to smash the corners of tempered glass.

When you ride a long-distance car, it is best to choose from the safety hammer, safety door or the roof of the top of the car to take a closer seat. If you like, Safety Hammer you can take a closer look at the instructions for opening the security door, because if there is an accident, you will not be able to look at the use of static breath.

Car equipped with a safety hammer can still play a role, private cars such as equipped with safety hammers, it must be placed in a readily available position.

In the event of an emergency, the driver should aim at the center position of the left and right from the lower to two-thirds to ensure a speedy exit. Using a safety hammer to hit the glass will be significantly stronger than the pebbles and other blunt, the general tempered glass can be crushed.

The safety hammer must be placed next to the driver's seat and is readily available.

What's the effect of a safety hammer?

1. Break the window (it can be used when you are in danger of not opening the door)

2, Safety Hammer cut the seat belt (some cars in the face of a violent impact or airbag explosion will automatically lock the seat belt)

3. Can put the roof of the car as a warning lamp

4, can be used as a flashlight

I heard that the owners of foreign cars to the safety hammer as a necessary product in the car, Safety Hammer the Chinese people have this sense of security is still very little. So we must strengthen our safety consciousness.