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4-In-1 Safety Hammers Can Also Cut Off The Profits


What is a 4-in-1 safety hammer? You should have seen 4-and-1 safety hammers when you take the bus, and a 4-in-1 safety hammer will be on the bus. 4-in-1 safety hammer is to break the glass in critical time to escape use, belonging to an escape self-help tool. The structure of the 4-in-1 safety hammer is not the same as the ordinary hammer, and the structure of the 4-in-1 safety hammer is more solid and quite rigid. 4 In 1 Safety Hammer Its shape is like a cutting knife, not only the function of the hammer, but also can cut the profit.

4-in-1 safety hammer price

The price of 4-in-1 safety hammer is about 50 yuan to 300 yuan, and the price of 4-in-1 safety hammer with different sizes and uses is not the same. The better the material 4-in-1 safety hammer price is expensive, ordinary households use 4 to 1 safety hammer Price is about 60 yuan. 4-in-1 safety hammers are also known as life-saving hammers, which are used when saving life. 4-in-1 safety hammer handle design is more special, 4 In 1 Safety Hammer using the human body mechanical design, can be in danger, the maximum strength of the use of 4-1 safety hammer. At the same time, the use of the time will not hurt the human body. 4-in-1 safety hammers are lighter and more convenient to carry.

Second, 4-in-1 safety hammer use

The 4-in-1 safety hammer has a conical tip that is mainly used to survive. This pointed point of contact is very small, we have learned physics should know that we can not be a large area of the object to smash, but as long as a small breakthrough to find a smooth, large area of the object will be smashed. The 4-in-1 safety hammer uses this principle, 4-in-1 safety hammer is mainly to break the glass, 4 In 1 Safety Hammer its contact point can produce a strong pressure on the glass, such pressure can let the glass fragmentation. At the time of use, just hold tightly to the handle of the 4-in-1 safety hammer and knock the tip toward a point of the glass.

III. Considerations

The 4-in-1 safety hammer can crush the tempered glass and shatter the sturdy glasses. But notice that all of the glass in the middle of the position is particularly strong, which is determined by the glass manufacturing structure. Glass around is relatively fragile, easy to crush, so when using the 4-in-1 safety hammer, do not hit the middle of the glass, it will be difficult to break the glass. To start with the around of the glass, if not once, 4 In 1 Safety Hammer hit a point more than a few times.

Above, the 4-in-1 safety hammer price and the use of the method. It is also safe to use 4-in-1 safety hammers, as 4-in-1 safety hammers smash the glass, and the shards of glass will splash out. When the glass is cracked, be careful to use your arm to block the eye, preventing the shattered shards of glass from sputtering into your eyes. If the glass fragments hurt the skin and body tissue, 4 In 1 Safety Hammer go to the doctor in time to avoid infection. 4-in-1 safety hammer is a self-help tool, can also be placed in the home, in the bud.