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Tips For Using Safety Hammers


Safety hammers are also called escape hammers, which can be seen in many places, very common. Safety hammers can save people's lives in many ways, but there are a lot of people who don't use safety hammers, and here's a little bit about how to use the safety hammers.

Remove the safety hammer correctly. General safety hammers can be raised and then picked up directly up, but some buses to prevent other people to take, with the support of the safety of the stent, Safety Hammer the direct take not down, this will be carefully observe the safety of the stent card, the stent release to remove the safety hammer.

The correct grip of the safety hammer. For the common safety hammer, the four fingers should be close together to hold the handle, thumb outside the middle finger. Hold it tightly, and your hands cannot tremble.

For more than one safety hammer, and the flashlight is similar to the Grip method, but should pay special attention to be held in the safety hammer emergency flash lamp position, that is, Safety Hammer the final face of the hammer, so that in the percussion glass can be used strong.

Sometimes in an emergency, we get a safety hammer and find it tied to the seat belt, temporarily unable to open as usual. Then you can use the multi-function safety hammer in the emergency break rope knife, Safety Hammer to quickly cut the seat belt, and then to break the glass.

When tapping the glass with safety hammer, the force should be even, can't use Shang, its safety hammer is very small, break glass is not by strength, but with "Chao Jin". The tip of the safety hammer is quite sharp, and it is struck with "Chao Jin" several times.

Appropriate strike posture. When tapping the glass with a safety hammer, it is best to choose a more convenient posture for tapping. Although the emergency situation is very flustered, but if the twisting body or crooked arm knocking glass is difficult to use strong, as far as possible with the most customary right hand (the left hand must be left-handed) to whirl up the percussion. Safety Hammer To smash the glass as soon as possible.

The most important point for using safety hammers is to find the best position to tap the glass. When the emergency needs to knock broken glass escape, do not take the safety hammer to knock a pass, so instead of breaking glass, delay time. You should find the four corners of the glass, about 5 centimeters from the window frame, knocking around the four regions to smash the glass quickly. Be careful to hit a point first, Safety Hammer and then knock the glass open and tap the other point. Or break a little bit. If the glass appears larger holes, you can use the foot to break the glass. In addition, on many bus windows are labeled "Break the safety glass in an emergency", with a safety hammer tapping this sign can also quickly smash the glass.

If the dark encounters an emergency, you can use the emergency flash light and flashlight on the safety hammer, and press the button to turn on the light to provide a signal to the rescue personnel.