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Safety Hammers Play A Very Important Role


As a tool, the safety hammer has a very important role to pay attention to. So what is the role of safety hammers? The following will introduce you to the six major roles of safety hammers.

The role of safety hammer One: when the emergency vehicle control lock failure, the use of safety hammers Special steel Cone window breaker can easily break the window glass escape.

The role of Safety hammer two: safety hammer built-in hand-cranked generators can be in the event of an accident not only for the product built-in flashlight charging, Safety Hammer but also for your cell phone emergency charge.

The role of Safety hammer three: safety hammer built-in high sensitivity, High-fidelity FM radios allow you to hear broadcast messages in the wild or disaster.

Safety Hammer function Four: safety hammer built-in highlight low consumption LED flashlight, in the field can be used for regular time lighting.

The role of safety hammers Five: in an emergency, seat belts often die because of a sudden impact, Safety Hammer and the use of safety hammers inside the belt-type cut can easily escape.

The role of safety hammer Six: When encountering an emergency, you can open the security Hammer built-in alarm and help function, through the high decibel strong flash alarm can reach a long-distance rescue at night.

The safety hammer has many functions, but the most important thing is to break the glass to escape in the event of an accident. In addition, the safety hammer can be illuminated and can also be recharged for your phone. No matter what the role of safety hammers, the majority of owners should understand the use of safety hammers, Safety Hammer so that they can escape smoothly.

Correct use of safety hammer:

1, pick up the safety hammer, hammer the glass of the four corners of the place, do not hit the middle, the middle part of the most substantial.

2, because some of the glass is a foil, so the glass will not fall immediately after the break, we can kick open with the foot.

3, the glass should be in a timely manner after the fall out of the body, Safety Hammer transfer to a safe place.


1, the key is to use the tip of the safety hammer to knock Four corners, knocking in the middle is not.

2, the test, with the key, heels (except metal heel) can not break the glass.

Add: Hit the corners and edges of the glass with a safety hammer, Safety Hammer and then roll the whole piece of glass out of the window.