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Safety Vest Reduces Unnecessary Casualties


Safety vests are mainly applied to: police, road crews, traffic conductors, highway maintenance workers, motorists of motorcycles and bicycles, dark light workers, and local workers who need to be warned.

A safety vest can enable traffic policemen or policemen to go on duty at night or in special weather conditions, thereby reducing unnecessary casualties. In the production of human life, Safety Vest especially in traffic engineering plays a special role in security.

Reflective back of the safety vest the reflective part of the heart is made by using the micro-ling type of crystal lattice to generate refraction and high refractive index of the glass beads of the return reflection principle, through the focus of the advanced processing technology. It can reflect the distant direct light back to the luminous place, Safety Vest whether in the daytime or the night have good inverse reflection optical properties. Especially at night, it can play as high as daytime visibility. The use of this high visibility reflective material safety clothing, whether the wearer is in the remote, or in the light or scattered light interference, Safety Vest can be more easily found by night motorists. The appearance of reflective material successfully solves the problem of "seeing" and "being seen" in the night driving.

The safety vest is similar in shape to a normal vest, including the front of the vest, back, vest by the outer lining layer, inner lining layer and the outer lining layer and the inner lining layer between the rigid cushion layer and soft cushion layer, wherein the hard cushion layer is close to the outer lining layer, Safety Vest the soft cushion layer is close to the inner lining layer, when the human body receives the impact, The rigid cushion layer acts as a barrier force, and the soft cushion acts as a digestive and absorbing force, Safety Vest preventing the human body from being harmed. At the same time, in the left armpit of vest vest for openings, not closed, the use of male and female nylon sticky or belt joints, easy to wear, and can be based on the size of the body, appropriate to relax or tighten.

Safety Vest play a safe driving role, the utility model of the outer interlining layer on the seam or printed with reflective effect of the bar, so that the vehicle in the night when driving reflex effect, Safety Vest can remind the former or later vehicle drivers, pay attention to safety, to prevent accidents. At the same time, the interlayer between the hard cushion and the soft cushion is distributed in the front of the vest and the back, and the outer interlining layer is only used in the interval to be connected with the inner interlining layer, Safety Vest which is easy to fold and collect. In addition, in order to enhance the fastness of the vest, the outer lining layer, hard cushion layer, soft cushion layer and inner lining layer are bonded together by strong glue.

The safety vest uses the rigid cushion layer and the soft cushion layer to add the structure, can effectively reduce the external force to the human body's function, to the human body to play a safe protection function, the left armpit uses the movable link, thus wears conveniently, comfortable. In addition, Safety Vest the use of reflective structure in the outer lining layer, which can cause before or after the driver's attention, to avoid many unnecessary accidents, and four-storey structure with strong glue bonded together, improve the utility model of the product quality.