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Triangle Warning Sign Can Avoid Accident


Triangle Warning sign is a triangular type of reflective warning sign!! It means there's a roadblock ahead!

The triangle warning sign is one of the safety warning signs, mostly yellow background black pattern, the size is 700mm, 900mm and 1100mm, the back dozen 55mm aluminum groove or the 65mm aluminum trough, uses the single column directly buries fixed or uses the flange temporary fixed.

The triangle warning sign is when the vehicle encounters the accident, the fault and so on the condition, will the triangle warning sign to place in the vehicle 50 meters (the expressway is 150 meters), Warning Triangle to other vehicles plays the prompt, the reminder function, avoids the second accident occurrence.

The reflective triangular warning sign uses optical principles to reflect with high refractive index, Warning Triangle making the sign particularly striking.

But there are also reflective triangular warning signs that own dry cells that glow, but are also reflective of light when other rays are illuminated.

During the day, in the general City ring Road to the warning signs in the car 50 meters after the place, if it is a high-speed road to set in the 150 meters after the car (about 200 adult distance); if it is in the dark, the city Loop encountered a vehicle failure, Warning Triangle need to set up a warning card in the car 100 meters after the place, At the high Speed Road, set at 250 meters (about 300 paces for adults).

Use the triangle warning sign back with the triangle warning sign to the car to keep the accident from happening.

When you set up a triangle warning sign, you have to hold a warning sign with your hands, reflective outward, always the direction of the car to go, this is especially in the evening after the headlights light to the triangle to reflect the past earlier reminders of the car to avoid, of course, Warning Triangle after the accident you must be in the car double flashing warning lights open!

Please be sure to put the correct distance in the corresponding lane where your vehicle is located, the triangle warning sign is to remind the car to pay attention to the traffic accident in front of this lane, please detour ahead of schedule. Don't get out of that car. Warning Triangle The accident stopped in the middle of the road, but you put the triangle warning signs in the most outside or the innermost lane of the silly thing.

If your car is on a slope road that fails to move, please be sure to put the triangle warning sign in the accident on the top of the slope or low slope, so as to early notice after the car, because the vehicle driving on the slope will produce a blind spot, if you put the warning logo on the ramp, it is lost the notice of the car in advance of the function. So keep in mind that the slope road accident should be marked on the bottom of the slope or the top of the slope.

You should pay special attention to the accident on the detour, and be sure to place the triangle warning sign on the road before you turn the corner. Because of the detour after driving the driver if not through the roadside set up "convex" is not able to see the front corners of the situation, so to put the warning card in front of the road in the face, Warning Triangle tell the vehicle slow down the line, Avoid after the car can not be prompted in time to cause "two accident" occurred.