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Tips For Using Safety Hammers


A safety hammer is an auxiliary escape tool installed in enclosed compartments. It is generally installed in the car and other closed cabin easy access to the room. When a car, such as a closed cabin fire or fall into the middle of a water emergency, can be easily removed and smashed window doors to smooth escape.

How to use the safety hammer:

1, pick up the safety hammer, hammer the glass of the four corners of the place, Safety Hammer do not hit the middle, the middle part of the most substantial.

2, because some of the glass is a foil, Safety Hammer so the glass will not fall immediately after the break, we can kick open with the foot.

3, the glass should be in a timely manner after the fall out of the body, transfer to a safe place.

Method of tapping the glass with a safety hammer:

One is to the perimeter of the car window, because the window of the tempered glass in the middle part of the most solid, four corners and the edge of the weakest, Safety Hammer if the passenger tapping the middle part of the window, Windows broken parts relatively small, the breakthrough time is slow, is not conducive to the rapid escape.

The second is to knock on the window glass, the glass is small, so it can quickly break the glass. If you use a hammer to knock for a while, the force is uneven, tempered glass is not easy to break.

Note: The above method for the bus, the bullet glass different, Safety Hammer broken window way also have different

Precautions for using safety hammers:

1, holding the safety hammer, hands can not tremble, clenched after tapping.

2, do not hit the middle part of the tempered glass, because the middle part of tempered glass is the most strong, the corners and edges are the most vulnerable, Safety Hammer especially the middle of the top edge of the place.

3, tapping the middle part of the tempered glass, the window broken parts relatively small, breakthrough time is slow, not conducive to the rapid escape of passengers.

4, the force should be uniform, can not use Shang, and in the percussion to use "Chao Jin" more than a few times.

5, if the hammer to knock for a while, the force is uneven, tempered glass is not easy to break.

6, some toughened glass has the film, after smashing, Safety Hammer the glass does not fall off immediately, uses the foot to kick open.

7, in the absence of a safety hammer, you can try to use sharp and strong objects to tap the tempered glass, sharp part of the finer the better. However, the experiment proved that it is not reliable to strike tempered glass with the key and heel of heels (except metal heel).

8, after leaving the car, do not look back, preferably 20 meters from the carriage, Safety Hammer in case of explosion and other dangerous situations.