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Triangle Warning Sign Display Effect Ideal


The main features of triangular warning signs

① structure novel, smooth surface, bright color, display more beautiful, eye-catching,

② surface is not easy to assemble water droplets and dust, Warning Triangle increasing the visibility of the day,

③ Surface Aluminum plate anodizing anti-aging and acid-base corrosion,

④ display part of all using 3M reflective film grade, stable performance, uniform brightness, display effect ideal, anti-ultraviolet ability is excellent,

⑤ is currently the tip of the reflective technology, Warning Triangle with excellent positive reflective and excellent angle performance. Service life is greater than 10,

⑥ column Galvanized treatment, the service life is greater than 20,

Triangular warning signs are triangular warning signs that warn vehicles and pedestrians to pay attention to dangerous sites, and road users need to act cautiously. Warning Triangle such as the forecast ahead is the intersection of roads, road bends, railway crossings, may fall stone sections, etc., to remind everyone to pay attention to safety. The triangle warning sign kind mostly comes from the traffic safety class;

The color of the triangle warning sign is Huang Di, Black edge, black figure. "Attention Lights" logo of the graphics are red, yellow, green, black four-color. "Fork symbol" "slash symbol" for white background red figure;

The shape of the triangle warning sign is equilateral or rectangular, top-pointing;

The location of the triangle warning sign is related to the calculation of the speed of the road, and in the rural mountainous highway, Warning Triangle it should be located in the place where the $number meters are at a dangerous location.