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The Function Principle Of Safety Vest


The material and principle of safety vest, first, the main body of safety vest is made of mesh cloth or plain cloth, reflective material is reflective lattice or high brightness reflective cloth;

The main types are polyester safety vest, polyester fluorescent safety vest, Safety Vest polyester highlight safety vest, polyester PVC lattice safety vest,

Polyester Knitted safety vest, polyester woven vest, all polyester fluorescent mesh lattice vest, all polyester fluorescent mesh fabric highlight vest,

All polyester fluorescent mesh highlights police vest, all polyester fluorescent bird eye vest;

Mainly applies to: police, road personnel, traffic conductor, Safety Vest highway maintenance personnel, motorcycle and bicycle drivers, dark light workers and so on need to use the warning of the local workers.

is made of high visibility reflective material, which enables traffic policemen or policemen to go on duty at night or in special weather conditions, thereby reducing unnecessary casualties. In the production of human life, especially in traffic engineering plays a special role in security. This safety vest is widely used in shipbuilding industry, steel industry, machinery industry, oil industry, ambulance, parking, airport, Safety Vest traffic police and outdoor work or construction, is a good safety warning supplies.

Principle of safety vest action

The reflective part of the safety vest is the principle of the return reflection of glass beads with the micro-ling type of crystal lattice and high refractive index, which is made by the advanced process of focusing post treatment. It can reflect the distant direct light back to the luminous place, whether in the daytime or the night have good inverse reflection optical properties. Especially at night, Safety Vest it can play as high as daytime visibility. The use of this high visibility reflective material safety clothing, whether the wearer is in the remote, or in the light or scattered light interference, can be more easily found by night motorists. The appearance of reflective material has solved the difficulty of "seeing" and "being seen" at night.