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Reflection Principle Of Triangle Warning Sign


Triangular warning signs the front of each side has a plastic optical full reflector using the principle of optical total reflection, generally known as the reflector, but can only solve the failure of the car's follow-up car in front of the car lights light to the reflector surface, the reflector will be reflected in the original light path of light reflection back to the driver to take appropriate measures to ensure that the vehicle safe driving. Therefore, at home and abroad on the triangular signs of the product structure, Warning Triangle especially the intensity of reflection coefficient have strict requirements, the domestic implementation of the Ministry of Public Security ga184-1999 industry standards, most foreign countries are implementing the EC ece-r27 or the United States 571.125 No. 125th standard. At present, the warning triangle signs used by domestic automobiles are extremely irregular, The defects are: 1. Commonly used structures are only 1.3 yuan aluminum plates, in each side coated with a reflective film or reflective paint, this kind of imitation products is actually a decorative ornament, Warning Triangle in the night or daytime reflective performance is very poor, visual distance can only reach 50 meters below, the car in the high-speed travel emergency situation can not take measures, as a result, it is very easy to cause a car crash; 2. Upon retrieval, the patent number is 97227163.5, the name is the warning triangle sign of the faulty vehicle, the the patent only describes the triangular sides for the anti-light plate, Warning Triangle generally in the triangular signs of each side of the surface only painted reflective paint or reflective film is considered to be an anti-plate , there is no limit to its substance in the patent, and there are several small bulbs on the exclamation point in the triangle which are powered by battery, which is purely the device of active light source; 3. Today's domestic automobile use triangle warning signs are in its front has the plastic optical full reflector, accordingly decided only one side use, it is suitable for the road has the guardrail and the upper and Lower Road road or the city Road, Warning Triangle is a kind of special use for the fault vehicle's follow-up vehicle warning sign.

Triangular warning signs its advantages and positive effects (i) the reflector of the sign is an optical device, whether it is a faulty vehicle's follow-up vehicle and a reverse-moving vehicle, as long as the car in front of the light irradiation on both sides of the reflector has a strong reflection light, Warning Triangle motorists can find a triangular warning sign at 300 metres ahead to allow motorists enough time to take a brake or other measures of avoidance to avoid collisions of vehicles, which are illuminated by fluorescence on both sides of the triangle during daytime driving. The driver was able to find its sign clearly at 200 metres, filling the current state of not using both warning signs in China.