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How To Use Safety Hammer


Safety hammer design:

1, the handle design is the most prominent security concept, the occurrence of an accident, you can use the maximum intensity of the broken glass, but it will not hurt, fit the body when the fingers tighten the state of the streamlined design can also be said Is a protective effect.

2, the tail of the security blade in an emergency when you can cut off the car insurance belt to help drivers and passengers quickly escape the accident vehicle.

Safety hammer structure:

1, hammer: contact with the glass is very sharp and solid, Safety Hammer when the danger is used to break the glass to escape.

2, cutting knife: hook-shaped embedded blade, can be put away and opened, used to meet the danger of cutting seat belts, the rapid release of the body by the constraints and limitations, Safety Hammer and enhance the mobility of the body, and thus maximize the success rate of escape The

3, flat hammer: located in the safety hammer behind the role of the equivalent of ordinary hammer, in the special needs of the hammer can be used.

Life-saving hammer is generally 13.5cm wide, 7cm wide, 2.5cm thick, Safety Hammer the color is usually very eye-catching red, the weight is generally 150g, this size and weight to carry up very convenient.


The principle of the life-saving hammer is mainly the tip of the conical shape of the life-saving hammer. Since the contact area between the pointed part and the glass is very small, the pressure of the contact point on the glass is very large when the glass is smashed with a hammer (this is somewhat similar to the principle of the pin ), Even the less powerful women can produce enough pressure, so that the glass at this point due to a large external force and produce a slight cracking. For the tempered glass, Safety Hammer a little bit of cracking means that the whole piece of glass within the stress distribution has been destroyed, which will be in the moment to produce countless spider web cracks, this time as long as gently with a hammer and then hit a few can Remove the glass fragments.


1, due to the middle of the tempered glass the most solid, the four corners and the edge of the weakest. So the danger is that the best way is to use a safety hammer to hit the glass edge and four corners, especially the glass above the edge of the middle of the place. Safety Hammer Once the glass has a crack, then a few more time to knock on it. The study showed that about 2 kilograms of pressure would be able to break the corners of the tempered glass.

2, when you take a long-distance car, the best choice from the safety hammer, security doors or roof safety exit more near the local seat. It is best to take a minute to carefully read the instructions to open the security door, because in the event of an accident, you can not have time to calmly look at the use of instructions.

3, the car also need to be equipped with safety hammer. Safety hammers can play an important role at critical moments, and if a private car is equipped with a safety hammer, it must be placed in a readily accessible position.

4, in the event of an emergency, the driver should be quasi-from the bottom of the two-thirds of the location of the drop hammer to ensure rapid withdrawal. Safety Hammer With the safety of hammering glass will be significantly stronger than the strength of pebbles and other blunt strikes, the general tempered glass can be crushed.