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Triangle Warning Signs Have Reflective Performance


The triangle warning sign is a sign that warns the vehicle, pedestrian attention to a dangerous location. Triangle warning signs for the yellow color, black, black pattern, the shape of the equilateral triangle, vertex angle up. The triangle warning sign is a road traffic sign that is used to inform the driver that the road ahead of the pedestrian is dangerous.

In most countries, the triangular warning signs are shaped like an equilateral triangle, Warning Triangle with white as a background and a thick red border. However, each country's background and border color and thickness are different.

Triangle warning sign:

Is a road traffic sign that is used to inform the road ahead of the driving or pedestrian, and the various road traffic signs are signs of their particular shape, color, pattern and character, and the vehicles and pedestrians should obey it command. Like these three by the three sides of the composition of the long triangle, yellow, black pattern, Warning Triangle it is the meaning of the meaning of "warning". It warns us that we should pay attention to danger; warn us to pay attention to the front of the signal signs; warned the rider, the driver should pay attention to the front of the school, there are groups of children will pass and so on.

The triangular warning signs are inside and outside the equilateral triangular shape, the inner equilateral triangle is the fluorescent luminescent surface, the outer equilateral triangle is the plastic optical passive reflective surface, the sign includes the triangular frame; Warning Triangle a narrow locating insert block and several Flat positioning bolt and the bottom of the triangle frame in the bottom; with ultrasonic welding in the triangular frame on the three sides of the positive and negative sides of the six plastic optical all-reflective film; inserted in the triangle frame inside the narrow groove, constitute the inner triangle A pair of double-sided phosphor panels; a counterweight support plate located below the triangular frame; a narrow positioning insert block 4 and a plurality of flat positioning insert pins connected between the triangular frame and the counterweight support plate; Warning Triangle A support plug at both ends of the counterweight support plate; four support rods hinged at both ends of the counterweight support plate; a narrow positioning plate located in the middle of the bottom edge of the triangular frame in the support rod fixing base, A fixed base for fixing said four support bars after the Shoulong; and an annular rubber band located at the end of the support rod.

Wherein said plastic optical all-reflection sheet is made of a plexiglass material by injection molding with a precision high-gloss mold invented by the present applicant so as to ensure strong directional retroreflective light and long-range visibility. In general, when driving at night, Warning Triangle the driver can clearly see the triangle warning mark at a distance of more than 300 meters from the headlamp of the car, so that the driver has enough time and distance to take the brakes and emergency avoidance measures to avoid the accident happened.

The use of ultrasonic ultrasonic plastic reflective film welded to the triangular frame of the three sides of the positive and negative sides, the seal even if the rain at night, does not affect its reflective performance. Warning Triangle The plastic optical all-reflection sheet is welded in the three recessed areas of the triangular frame, which perfectly matches the recessed area, occupying almost the entire frame area, together with the triangular frame, forming the outer triangle of the triangular warning sign as a nighttime optical total reflection element The