The 120th Canton Fair

Safe Vest Plays A Security Role


The main types of safety vests are polyester reflective vest, polyester fluorescent reflective vest, polyester bright reflective vest, polyester pvc lattice reflective vest, polyester knitted reflective vest, polyester woven vest, polyester fiber mesh lattice vest, Cloth bright vest, full polyester fluorescent mesh highlights police vest, full polyester fluorescent bird vest;

Safe vests are mainly used for: police, road officials, traffic commanders, road maintenance personnel, motorists and bicycles drivers, Safety Vest dark light workers and so on need to use light warning of local workers.

Reflective vests are made of high-energy reflective material, it can traffic police or police in the night or special weather conditions on duty, thereby reducing unnecessary casualties. In the human production and life, especially in traffic engineering plays a special role in security. This reflective vest is widely used in the shipbuilding industry, steel industry, machinery industry, oil industry, ambulance, parking lot, airport, Safety Vest traffic police and outdoor work or construction, is a good security warning supplies.

The exterior is similar to the ordinary vest, including the vest front, the back, the vest from the outer lining layer, lining cloth layer and placed in the outer lining layer and lining between the hard layer and soft cushion layer, Hard cushion layer close to the outer lining layer, Safety Vest soft cushion close to the lining layer, when the body by the impact force, the hard cushion to play a role in blocking the impact of the soft cushion to play a digestion, Absorb the impact of the afterglow, to avoid the role of the human body hurt. At the same time, in the vest vest left armpit at the opening, not closed, the use of male and female nylon sticky or tape connection, Safety Vest easy to wear, and according to the size of the human body, appropriate to relax or tighten.

In order to further improve the utility model and play a safe driving role, the cross section of the outer lining layer of the utility model is printed with a bar with a reflective effect so that the vehicle can play back and forth when traveling at night, Later the driver of the vehicle, Safety Vest pay attention to safety, to prevent accidents. At the same time will be composed of hard cushion and soft cushion layer composed of interlayer distribution in the front of the vest, the back, and at the interval only the outer lining layer with the lining layer together, easy to fold, collection. In addition, in order to enhance the fastness of the vest, the outer lining layer, the hard cushion layer, the soft cushion layer and the inner lining layer are strongly bonded together.

As a result of the use of hard cushion and soft cushion stacked structure, can effectively reduce the external force on the human body, the human body to play a role in the protection of the left armpit with active coupling, and thus easy to wear, comfortable. In addition, the use of reflective structure on the outer lining layer, Safety Vest which can cause the driver's attention before or after, to avoid a lot of accidents should not occur, while the four-tier structure with strong adhesive together to improve the quality of the utility model products.