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Triangle Warning Signs Reflect The Distance


Triangle warning sign size: 42 * 42 * 42

Material: ABS + PMMA + IRON

Reflectance distance: 200m-300m

Triangle warning signs are made of plastic reflective material passive reflector, folding, lightweight and compact, easy to carry, the vehicle must have the vehicle tools. In the car must carry a triangle warning signs or other warning signs, in order to meet the sudden failure of parking maintenance, Warning Triangle to be placed in front of the car 50 meters warning signs, to remind other vehicles attention.


1, with the highest reflective performance in a few hundred meters away can see the warning signs, you can pre-warning behind the other vehicles coming.

2, out of driving essential goods, in the highway or the general road can not stop when the triangle warning signs on the back of the car 50-200 meters away, you close to the safe, away from danger.

3, when used to support the triangle, buckle on the buckle, very simple two actions. Warning Triangle Put away when the volume is very small, put in the rear compartment is basically no space, Carry a triangle warning sign, you can have a more way to avoid danger.

Driving time will inevitably encounter some unexpected emergencies, the need for temporary parking, this time in the car after the need to place the triangle warning signs, the correct placement can play a very good reminder, the wrong place not only can not play a good warning , May also cause greater trouble, Warning Triangle and even face traffic penalties.

11. What is a triangular warning sign? A lot of people like a brother as naive that the triangle warning signs are made of iron as a sign on the roadside warning signs of the same block. But has been ignored quietly lying in the trunk of the red (yellow) color rectangular box. In fact, the box is placed on the triangle warning signs. Triangle warning signs are made of fluorescent and reflective material, play a warning role.

How to put it. According to regulations, conventional roads should be placed in the car after 50 to 100 meters; on the highway to be extended to the car after 150 meters, Warning Triangle in case of relatively low visibility rain and fog weather, to be increased to 200 meters after the car.

3 Note 1: The triangle warning mark can not be placed on the side of the car, should be placed in the rear, or with the car in the same lane.

4 Note 2: can not use other items instead, such as fire extinguishers, bags and other items

5 Note 3: Triangle warning signs can not be held by hand

6 Note 4: the triangle warning signs placed correctly, Warning Triangle need to turn on the lights according to the requirements, open the dangerous alarm flash, profile lights, rear taillights also open at night