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LED Warning Triangle Guarantee Traffic Safety


Now the car has become an indispensable important means of transport in people's lives, due to the large base, making the car involved in traffic accidents have increased year by year, especially the car chase the incident accounted for a large proportion, and often cause significant casualties and economic losses The The national transportation department stipulates that the rear warning vehicle must use the early warning device to warn the rear vehicle, LED Warning Triangle the distance is 50-250m.

The prior art early warning device is typically a car tripod placed in a trunk of a car, for example on a road with a speed of 110 km / h, and when the driver is traveling at night, the driver needs to get off to the trunk to take out the car Tripod, and then walk to a safe distance to place the car tripod to alert the back of the vehicle, after the troubleshooting need to recover the car tripod, LED Warning Triangle and the relevant departments, the safety distance of 250m, that is, in the whole process needs people Back and forth twice walking at least 1000m, due to human inertia, people usually do not follow the provisions to place the car tripod, and place a long time slow. LED Warning Triangle The study shows that the probability of occurrence of the second accident is proportional to the placement time of the car tripod, that is, the shorter the placement time, the smaller the probability of occurrence of the second accident. It is also possible for other people to walk on the road to place a car tripod may also lead to greater traffic accidents.

LED warning triangle with automatic operation function, through the remote control can easily control the operation and stop the body, the utility model LED warning triangle with easy storage, easy assembly, the use of efficient advantages, and built-in gyroscope, Compass and other components, so that The utility model LED warning triangle has a straight line, display position and other functions, as a good early warning effect, LED Warning Triangle easy installation activities, fast, and safe and safe multi-function self-propelled sets of LED warning triangle.

When the car fails, the owner to open the double flash warning light, the role of warning light is to tell others "my car is broken, you have to pay attention!" And then to their own car parked in the emergency lane or emergency stop Inline. This time to the familiar part: place the LED warning triangle. Although it is a small piece of LED warning triangle, LED Warning Triangle but we do not underestimate it Oh! In the case of parking due to failure, it is necessary to place the LED warning triangle, which also provides that: if not in accordance with the provisions of the warning signs placed or not in accordance with the provisions of the use of warning lights, will be fine 200 yuan,

The original triangle brand is also placed a great stress. In the case of non-violation of traffic rules in the case of the contrary, in the general road, the owner should be 50 meters away from the place where the place placed on the triangle; on the highway, the owner of the place outside the 100 meters ; LED Warning Triangle If you have just met the rain and fog weather, or the car in the bend at the fault, then it should be placed in the 150 meters away.

Put the LED warning triangle, the purpose is to give the back of the vehicle to remind: "My car is broken, you have to be careful, do not drive too fast and rear-end." This can alert the back of the vehicle, so that they pay attention to avoid, Slow down, so as to avoid a second accident, LED Warning Triangle but also to ensure their own safety. If you put a triangular warning card, caused a second accident, the owner's responsibility will be greatly reduced.

Our car is the most commonly used LED warning triangle, it can be folded, so easy to carry, put in the car space is also very small. It is made of reflective material, in the case of adequate ambient light, or vehicles are open under the premise of lighting, the use of reflective effect to remind the function, but because it is a passive reflector, if the rain and fog to this sight Poor, no light of the environment, it is likely to cause blind spots.