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The Importance Of Triangle Warning Signs


In the event of failure on the road, it is difficult to move the traffic, should be in the car after 50 ~ 100 meters at the triangle warning signs; on the highway, should be set in the car 150 meters away. Turn on the road, to be set in the entrance into the lane, to avoid the car can not be promptly prompted to lead to the second accident.

Triangle warning signs should be placed after the car

Vehicle traffic failure or traffic accident can not move, the general day of the city loop to set the warning signs in the car after 100 meters away, the highway to be set in the car 150 meters away (about 200 adult distance); night city ring Road warning signs should be set in the fault or accident car 100 meters away, the highway will have to set in the 150 meters outside the location. Warning Triangle At the same time failure or accident car must open the danger warning lights!

It is a very dangerous thing that a vehicle can not move on a freeway. "The speed of the highway is very fast, every car may become a fatal killer, and the triangle warning sign is like a security card, it can effectively prevent the rear vehicle rear-end, to avoid a car accident." High-speed traffic police said.

Indiscriminate warning

There is no triangular warning sign, very dangerous. However, Warning Triangle casually with other things instead of warning signs, but also a wrong move.

April 16 evening, Hangjinqu high-speed direction to Hangzhou near Jinhua East exit, a semi-trailer rear-end hit a fault in front of a truck, leading to a driver's side of the truck was a broken pressure. When the incident, the truck trachea rupture, the driver got off to the front and the body connected to the ventilation pipe. Because there is no triangle warning signs on the car, he took a hot water bottle into the rear. Warning Triangle At that time when the night, the kettle will not reflect, semi-trailer driver did not see the front of the vehicle, hit a hit up.

The traffic police said that a similar situation occurred on the highway. The vehicle broke down on the highway, the driver did not bring the triangle warning signs, took the car on the kettle, roadside branches as a warning sign, and even some "wonderful" to take the dog when the warning signs. Warning Triangle The matter occurred in the Ningbo Ring Expressway to Taizhou direction 41 km, when the driver Liu vehicle puncture, can not find the triangle warning signs, he put the car pet dog 20 meters after the car, with the rope in the Side fence.

Reasonable placement of anti-accident

Triangle warning signs seemingly no difficulty with it, Warning Triangle but let a lot of owners in the use of know what to do. Some owners in the accident occurred, there are sets of trigonometric warning signs of the sense, but in the distance from the wrong made - choose to directly on the car less than 10 meters away. Traffic Police Tip: The place where the warning card is placed is too close to the point of the accident, which is not placed.

According to regulations, in the conventional road, the occurrence of a failure or traffic accident, the triangle warning signs should be set in the car 50 meters to 100 meters; and on the highway, will be in the car 150 meters outside the warning signs; In case of rain and fog, have to increase the distance to 200 meters. In addition, when an accident occurs on the road emergency stop, Warning Triangle the triangle warning signs should be placed in the rear or the same lane, can not be placed on the side of the rear.

In addition, put the warning card, you need to open the double flash, the night should also open the profile lights and rear taillights.