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4 In 1 Safety Hammer More Than The Role


4-in-1 safety hammer for night trouble warning and car accident escape, can also be used as a general lighting appliances .1, life hammer / safety hammer: sharp solid hammer, when the accident broke the glass to escape. 2, cutting knife: hook-shaped embedded blade, when the accident cut off the seat belt escape. 3, flashlight: located in the front of the handle, a separate switch, can provide continuous lighting. 4, warning lights: located in the handle parts, a separate switch, flashing red (or red and blue alternating) warning lights, the product can be sucked on the roof of the magnetic head, from the alarm.

4-in-1 safety hammer, also known as safety hammer, 4 In 1 Safety Hammer is an enclosed cabin in the auxiliary escape tool. It is generally installed in the car and other enclosed cabin easy to get the place, in the event of a car fire or the car into the water and other emergency situations, you can easily remove and smash the glass window door to escape. 4-in-1 safety hammer The use of life-saving hammer is mainly the use of its conical tip, because the tip of the contact area is very small, so when the hammer hit the glass, the contact point of the glass pressure (not the pressure Oh, The pressure on the unit area) is quite large, this is somewhat similar to the principle of the pushpin, the film is easily punctured, and the glass at the point by the large external force and produce a slight cracking, 4 In 1 Safety Hammer and for the tempered glass Words, a little bit of cracking means that the whole piece of glass within the stress distribution has been destroyed, which in the moment produce numerous spider web cracks, this time as long as gently with a hammer and then hit a few times to remove the glass fragments. The middle part of the tempered glass is the strongest, the four corners and the edges are the weakest. The best way is to use the safety hammer to hit the glass edge and four corners, especially the glass above the edge of the middle of the place, once the glass has a crack, you can knock a few more.

It is said that there are about 2 kg of pressure will be able to smash the corner of the tempered glass If there is no safety hammer, women's high heels is also a very good thing, the heel up to make enough to hit it, the more thin heel The better! 2 on the train Note: If you take the long-distance car, the best choice from the safety door or roof safety exit more near the local seat. If you wish, you can take a closer look at how to open the security door instructions, 4 In 1 Safety Hammer because in the event of an accident, you can not calmly look at the use of instructions.