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Safe Vests Are Used Extensively


The safety vest comprises a front portion and a back portion, characterized in that a safety air cushion is provided on the front portion and the back portion, respectively, and is covered with an outer layer of the outer periphery of the safety air cushion. Safety Vest Can effectively exempt or slow down the safety of the accident on the human body, security, simple structure, low cost. The following are the same as the "

Safety vest main types of polyester reflective vest, polyester fluorescent reflective vest, polyester bright reflective vest, polyester pvc lattice reflective vest,

Polyester Knitted Reflective Vest, Polyester Woven Vest, Safety Vest Polyester Fluorescent Mesh Plaid Vest, Polyester Fluorescent Mesh Highlight Vest,

Fancy fluorescent mesh highlights the police vest, full polyester fluorescent bird vest;

Mainly applicable to: police, road officials, traffic commanders, road maintenance personnel, Safety Vest motorists and bike drivers, dark light workers and so on need to use light warning of local workers.

Safe vest commonly used materials

Fabric Name: Waterproof Oxford Spray (PU coating)

Ingredients: 100% polyester

Weight: 300D

Fabric Name: waterproof breathable Oxford spinning (PU coating)

Ingredients: 100% polyester

Weight: 150D

Fabric Name: waterproof breathable Oxford spinning (PU coating)

Ingredients: 100% Polyester [1]

Weight: 300D

The safety vest is made of high-visibility reflective material that allows the traffic police or police to work on duty at night or in special weather conditions, thereby reducing unnecessary casualties. In the human production and life, especially in traffic engineering plays a special role in security. This reflective vest is widely used in the shipbuilding industry, the steel industry, machinery industry, oil industry, ambulance, parking lot, Safety Vest airport, traffic police and outdoor work or construction, is a good security warning supplies.

Safe vest principle

Reflective vest in the reflective part of the use of the lattice of the micro-rhombus type refraction and high refractive index of glass beads back to the principle of reflection, through the post-processing of advanced processing technology made. It can reflect the distant light back to the light, both in the day or night have a good retroreflective optical performance. Especially at night, can play the same as the day of high visibility. The use of this high-energy reflective material made of safety clothing, whether the wearer is in the distance, Safety Vest or in the light or scattered light interference, can be relatively easy to be found by the night driver. The appearance of reflective material successfully solved the "see" and "seen" this night driving problem.