The 120th Canton Fair

Trigonous Warning Signs


Vehicle traffic failure or traffic accident can not move, the day the general city loop to the triangle warning signs set in the car after 100 meters, the highway to be set in the car after 150 meters (about 200 adult distance); night city Circle should be set in the triangle warning signs in the accident or accident car 100 meters away, Warning Triangle the highway will have to set in the 150 meters outside the location. At the same time failure or accident car must open the danger warning lights!

Why is the triangle warning sign triangular?

The identification of the shape of the logo, comprehensive domestic and foreign, the shape of the traffic signs of a large number of research results show that the same size and shape of different signs, the discernible form is different.

The easy order of identification of different sign plates is: triangular, square, round. Warning Triangle With the acute angle of the triangle, although there can not be more to accommodate the shortcomings of image information, but he is most eye-catching and easy to identify, in order to take care of our past habits and to the majority of the national flag shape closer, select the triangle as a warning The shape of the sign.

Although the circular shape is not very good shortcomings, but in the same conditions, the circular sign of the image, text, etc. appear bigger, looks more clearly; round in the human visual than the same area of the square, About one in ten. The circle is easy to distinguish from other surrounding corners, Warning Triangle such as objects on the street, so that people can quickly make judgments, so that "prohibited", "mandatory", "only" meaning the sign with a circle.

The triangular warning signs include equilateral triangular bottom bottom floor, equilateral triangle left bottom plate, equilateral triangle right bottom plate, plastic optical total reflection sheet, phosphor surface, circular disk, round iron plate, support frame, characterized by: Side of the edge of the bottom of the floor on both sides of the plastic welding all the optical reflection of the whole, and in the equilateral triangle bottom floor, the left floor, the right side of the bottom edge of the upper end of the horizontal position are through the narrow narrow groove, The left and right ends of the blind grooves have round studs, Warning Triangle and the circumference of the circular studs still has open narrow grooves which are connected to the narrow blind grooves penetrating in the horizontal position of each side plate, The fluorescent light emitting surface is respectively inserted in the narrow narrow groove penetrating in the horizontal direction of the upper end surface of the bottom plate on the right side, Warning Triangle and the bottom side fluorescent surface is inserted in the narrow narrow groove penetrating the horizontal end position on the bottom surface of the bottom floor; By the side of the bottom edge of the bottom edge of the left side of the bottom and the equilateral triangle on the left side of the bottom plate, the right bottom of the bottom of the circular convex end of the center through the hole riveting Into the equilateral triangle, where the three plastic optical total reflection sheet is the outer triangular part, the three fluorescent light-emitting surface is the inner triangular part, the equilateral triangle is the hollow part of the hollow triangle; in the equilateral triangle on the left side of the bottom plate mosaic circular disk and The right side of the bottom of the equilateral triangle inlaid with round iron plate in the edge of the edge of the edge of the bottom edge of the bottom edge of the bottom plate with a narrow positioning of the block, the narrow positioning of the block on the left and right with two The wide-shaped positioning cartridge and the support frame constitute the overall triangle warning sign.